New to Zwift...lowest pace group too hard

I’m on a trial membership and tried the cycling pace groups. My FTP is low so I tried the slowest pace group (about 14 mph), but the wattage to get started is too hard. What am I doing wrong? I tried a couple of time, but still too hard. I must have a setting wrong. Any advice/info would be appreciated. Thanks, George

Could you tell us what trainer you are using?
Perhaps post a picture?

Is your trainer calibrated properly? What trainer is it?

Even after about 2 months from my accident I was absolute to start off from stand-still in Zwift though it was difficult and I could barely do 25km/h at first for a few kilometres. I suspect something could be wrong with how things are setup for you.

Check the weight you have input for yourself in Zwift and that it’s not off by a decimal point. I think that issue was fixed, but you never know…

Thanks for the reply Chris. I did calibrate my trainer (Wahoo Kickr), but I’m going to try from the start tomorrow AM. Thanks again, George

I’m using a Wahoo Kickr. I did calibrate it on the Wahoo app on my phone, but I’m going to re-do it tomorrow and try again. Thanks M.B.

Thanks John, I’ll check that. Never thought of it. Regards, George

Also, be sure you’re not using a TT bike in-game.

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Hey George, a couple of other things to consider.

When you start a RoboPacer ride you will be automatically dropped into the group of riders and given a short time (15-30 seconds, maybe?) to get yourself up to speed/power. It’s important that you do this because if you fall out of the back of the group when the “assist” is turned off, and lose the draft, it can be difficult (sometimes impossible) to re-join without a gargantuan effort.

It might be best to do a simple free-ride beforehand (choose the “Tempus Fugit” course in Watopia) and find a gear that you feel comfortable with that will get you up to the required speed/power for the RoboPacer ride. That way, you can wind-up your favourite gear before activating the Robopacer “start” ride button and should find it easier to hit the required speed before the assist is de-activated.

If you were riding with “Taylor” then you will need to be hitting a power of somewhere around 1.1 to 1.2 W/kg to keep pace (could be lower if you learn to draft efficiently).

You mentioned that your FTP was low; how did you measure it and what is your current value? To some extent, this will determine whether you will be able to match the group’s pace at your current fitness level. Good luck.

Thanks for the reply Nigel. I didn’t see anything about a TT bike, but I’ll try it again. Thanks, George

Thanks William. That sounds like it may be my problem. I’ll try that. Regards, George

You may not be on one, but I thought I would at least put the thought out there, since there is no draft with the TT bike.

Thanks for the heads up.

Appreciate the advice, Nigel. regards, George