Speed and Wats very Low

Might Be an Old topic. I have a giant cycletron mag trainer with an speed an cadence sensor. When pairing Zwift indicates that i should use setting 4. my speed is like very low 3km per hour so the watss like 100 or 110. it feels way much more. Please advise if there was an answer or solution already

First time zwiffter

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I’m in the same situation Kevin, just today I complained to a friend about low power and speed on my Elite Aleno trainer using BTE
I’ve found that pumping the tyres to 3,5bar (and above) helps slightly and shifting my weight forward or backward in the saddle will change the power output but only by about 5watts.
On a “real bike” I can cruise at 120-150w easily but on Zwift I struggle to maintain that. My max power on a Stages gym bike is 638w but on Zwift 250(ish).
It would be great if someone from Zwift has an easy fix?
Or is it just a “Kevin” thing :0)

Kev “Joe Slow” Judd

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Kev… we stil don’t have any solution here . that is sad.

Hi Kev, Yep no fix
Although from time to time it annoys me I’ve got used to (almost) ignoring it and stick to working with HR which to be honest is more relevant
If I want to checkout my Wattages I go to the gym and jump on the “Stages” bike there. It’s all uploaded to Training Peaks and I just accept that 600w on Stages equals about 300w on Zwift
It’s disheartening sometimes but I’ll survive :expressionless:
Hopefully one of those nice people at Zwift will see this post and come up with a brilliant fix for us
Hope this helps

Thanks Kev, for some kind of inspiring words, i also hope that the nice people somehow wil see this and provide a solution.

Thanks a million