Zwift speed and powerr

Hello i have one question that i am new to zwift and indoor cycling and i before that i always ride outdoor and i am a professional cyclist but my question is that i am new to zwift and have been riding form 10 days but i noticed that other Rider’s are going way faster and they producing alot power also and i mean an average guy on zwift is faster and as i am a cyclist and i know i can produce more power and get more speed than other Rider’s i am not targeting or hating anyone just like i now that i can go fast but on zwift other hand i am like can’t hold or like go fast and feeling very heavy. so is there any thing that i have to turn on or any settings maybe on my trainer I have wahoo smart trainer so anything to do with that and idea? Please let me know if you got my comment🙏

So to summarize, the info we have:

You’re a pro
You’re riding with “a” wahoo trainer
You feel slower then you expect.

Do you have another source of power data, such as a power meter on your bike that you can compare to the trainer?

Do you have any 10 or 25 km (or similar) outdoor time trial personal best times you could post here?

Yes any idea what is happening?

So for people asking your ittt time so my personal itt time was 40km in 53 mins and won my state championship. So i am new to zwift and indoor training so any idea any solution for my previous questions? Is There anything on zwift or on my smart trainer any settings or anything?

I don’t think there are any relevant settings, but the question is whether there is a problem with your trainer, and if the trainer has been calibrated (or if it even requires calibration - it depends on which model you own and the firmware version on the trainer). The best way to understand if the trainer is reporting correct power would be to compare it to another power meter. You should tell us which model of trainer you are using.

No not a clue,

Perhaps give us actual details about your setup.
What trainer? (It could be a wheel-on?)
Is the power on Zwift in the same ballpark as you see on the road? Perhaps dual record
Did you put your correct weight, height in Zwift settings?

(I don’t understand why people ask about your tt times)

So i am using wahoo smart trainer v6 it is the latest trainer and i have recently purchased and it is calibrated and i have put my correct height and weight

If you believe that the displayed watts on Zwift feels like you see outdoor, then this should be correct.

Can you dual record, for example show the watts from the powermeters of your bike on your headunit and compare them what Zwift is seeing from your trainer?

(Your game bike isn’t a mountainbike for example, or used kg instead of lbs)

So right now my power meter on my bike is actually not working form days so thats my i can’t compare them both and thats why for some month i started indoor cycling so my trainer can measure watts. And thankyou all for replying so right now i only have one power meter thats is inbuilt on my trainer so thats that

If you have saved data from rides using your power meter and HRM, when the power meter was working, you could still use that for rough comparison, if you do a similar effort in Zwift. This won’t be precise but it might help you understand if it’s way off.

There are many reasons why you may be seeing this and they are all present to some degree.

  1. In Zwift, all speeds for a given power tend to be greater than you would see outdoors.
  2. Indoor cycling selects for different athlete than riding outdoors.
  3. Many people are using set ups that incorrectly exaggerate their power out put.
  4. Zwifts physics algorithms can not correctly predict the speed of a rider that weighs less than 45 kg and short riders are given an excessive aero benefit that is not seen outdoors.
  5. Very strong weight lifters will be able to generate a lot of power and speed on Zwift without many of the penalties seen in real life.
  6. I know coffee breaks have to have something to do with it :thinking: - ignore the last one.

Just try to make your setup as accurate as possible.
I’m not sure you can compare indoor to outdoor 100% because I think most people tend to report higher power outdoors.

Okay i got it thanks everyone for replying i will just check once again what is going on and i will check if my power is correct and btw some people says that people put there weight wrong and thats why they go fast but I don’t so i will recheck everything and than try again if everything is working so thanks everyone for helping and replying me and if any new person comes here and read my question and so please they can put there answers or opinions so i can get help