Very low power

Hi all,
I’m new to zwift today after getting my wahoo speed and cadence sensors. I use a bikemate turbo trainer, which isn’t listed, so have to use the unregistered setting.
I feel I’m cycling at a decent pace during the tutorial, but my watts shows as 40w average with a max of 140 when I tried sprinting. Comparing that to a recent gentle strava cycle I did and my watts were 142w average, 211 FTP.
Anyone have any suggestions for what’s going wrong or how I can fix it?

Hi @Stuart_Stevenson, this is probably caused by your “unlisted” trainer and whatever power curve Zwift assigns to that. Also make sure you have the correct wheel size chosen. Is the bikemate a magnetic trainer with multiple resistance settings or is it a fluid trainer? Oh, and make sure your in-game weight and height is correct.

Check out this post for more explanation about power curves and how speed is determined.


Hi @Stuart_Stevenson

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I don’t know the power / speed curve of that trainer. Since it is unsupported.


Hi Mike,
Thanks for the my height and weight etc are all right. I’m a big guy at 6’4 and 98kg, but surely it’s not marking me down to a snails pace. My wheel size is right and I think it’s a magnetic roller.
I’m guessing it’s my turbo trainer. It doesn’t tend to continue roll as you power down, the back wheel more or less stops as soon as you finish pushing, which must be what’s ruining the wattage.
It’s a shame because I would have really enjoyed zwift.


You should look for a used fluid trainer that is supported, check out Ebay or facebook marketplace. Once you get it working you will love it!