Top watts not recording

Hitting 7 and 800 watts for at least 5 seconds but in ride data top watts is in 600s. What’s up with that?

I presume you are looking at the graph during the ride at the bottom of the screen?
If so it does not show all power in order to keep the screen tidy. Imagine if a sprint rider smashed out a 1500-2000 effort. The graph would cover half of the screen.

Your watts are recorded and used, just not shown.

It’s a pretty hard sprint effort for me so it’s all I can do to glance at w/kg during. I definitely hit 800 cuz I went orange. Graphs on companion for power on my effort only go to 650.

Orange, I believe, is 8 wkg, not 800 watts.

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Ahhhh. So I’m an idiot? I guess that cld in fact just be 650ish then. Makes sense. But sad for me! :frowning:

Also. I’m really bad at math.

Some trainers have a max wattage in Zwift as well, wheel on classic “dumb” trainers can max out. What are you using?

I’ve had problems it doesn’t record your max power, in fact every time, it’s correct on Strava can be more than 50watts under, annoying

Why are you trying to make out zwift is right it isn’t, neo2, I recently hit over 900w and give me a badge but only recorded 860? It needs sorting out there’s a bug

All trainers have a max wattage listed by the manufacturer, Zwift caps some trainers at as low as 400 watts (unsupported wheel on classic trainer for example). That is all I am commenting on, I never indicated that Zwift is perfect. There are other threads here that show issues with the Zwift power curve displayed in the game, maybe that is related to the issue you are seeing?

You seem to defend zwift whatever, I’ve had it record 927w my trainer will go up to 2200w, it takes the data from zwift to Strava and records correctly as I’ve seen it hit the numbers in zwift, it doesn’t record it, you can make all the excuses you like it’s wrong, fix the errors, my friends have had the same issues,

I can’t fix the errors, I don’t work for Zwift, I’m just a user like you. No need to make this personal.

Have a wonderful day!

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Can it be that the data is in the fit file and Strava did not display it? Did you compare the data from your head unit and the data recorded by Zwift?

Maybe look at the data in another software application.

Many racers duel record there races using a garmin (or other head unit) and Zwift and the data match very well if using the same power source.

My Garmin gives me the same results as Strava, can’t understand why it’s wrong.