Slow power/speed in zwift

Hello. I have problem with power/speed in game. It always shows me around 60W and maximum 133 but I know it must be higher. I have classic trainer LifeLine TT-01 with speed sensor. Thank you.

What trainer and wheel size are you selecting at the Pairing Screen?

Make sure your tire is inflated to the correct PSI (I pump mine up to 115psi).

You should also be using a trainer tire.

How in-game speed is determined.

For virtual power like yours:

Zwift takes the wheel speed broadcast by your speed sensor and the power curve of the trainer you select on the Pairing Screen and converts that to virtual watts. With those watts, the weight entered, height entered, in-game bike used, in-game drafting (Tri and TT bikes get no drafting boost), in-game wheel set, in-game road surface, and in-game virtual elevation changes your in-game speed is determined.

I choose trainer I have LifeLine TT-01 and wheel size same as on my bike 700x23c.
I dont know what was my psi so next time I will make sure its 115.
Yes Im using trainer tire.

Here are two screens from strava of the ride can see when I went harder max power I got was like 130 and speed 25km/h but that power should be for sure 250+.


How do you know it should be 250+, do you have a power meter?

Do you have the trainer on the correct resistance setting?

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I have ridden with power meter and also I know how it feels for sure it wasnt 130W max and avg 69 its nonsense. Yes I think I didnt have correct resistance setting becasue when I bought my trainer in manual wasnt how many turns I need tighten the resistance. How do many times should I turn my resistance on LifeLine TT-01. Thank you.

All trainers are different. But make sure your tire is inflated to the tire specification (i.e 100psi).

The thing is you don’t what your wheel to slip. On my old trainer I had to turn the knob till the roller contact the wheel, then two more turns. But don’t over do it as you could damage the rim.

Can you use your power meter on the trainer to check the power number?

Thanks I will try that last time I didnt check my tire pressure so will make sure its 100psi. The estimated power I get on zwift is calculated from speed sensor I use? Because I use magene and I connect it to bryton but doesnt show me speed and when I rode on zwift I was also recording with bryton (then randomly speed started working alone) and the average speed was 15 and maximum 27 when I sprinted but I had no problem connect speed sensor to zwift using my phone with bluetooth but maybe the speed was incorrect so also the power.

Zwift speed and your bike computer won’t match.

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Yes I know that I just wanted say that I think it was showing me low speed so that could be why my power was low also.

Hello, today I tried zwift on computer and often when I start pedaling I see my cadence but watts and speed are on 0 and when it already starts showing me watts and speed, my watts randomly go to 0 and km/h starts go down like I stopped pedaling but my cadence and effort is same. Any ideas why? Thanks.

It sounds like a bluetooth dropout, very common unfortunately.

no Im using ANT+ for zwift and I connect there also my cadence so why cadence also doesnt have dropout? its not dropout problem I think.

thought you were using bluetooth?

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I typed on computer, sorry.

Hello, I turned two full turns and still I think its showing me wrong power, I would like to ask which level should I have on handlebar mount which comes from trainer, there are 6 different levels and 6 is hardest, my friend told me it can change watts and should be on same level still. Thanks

when you are on the paring screen and you select your trainer Zwift should show a number that is the number on the Handlebar mount.

the screen look like this,

oh didnt know that, so when Im pairing my trainer and choose settings 2 should stay in settings 2 whole ride? thanks for fast answer. Will check that next time.

Yours, might be a different setting number.

Yes you should not change that setting while riding.

When pairing it says me Use Settings 1, is there any way to change on zwift when pairing to Setting 2 or 3? or theres only Settings 1 option.