Having trouble with speed

I hook up everything properly however, no matter how fast or hard I pedal I keep going slower and slower.I change to classic instead of Zpower but it still doesn’t help. It was fine previously when I ride, today something is different. Frustrating !!

Hi @Chloe_D, we will need a bit more info to try and help.
First check these posts please:
Guide to Getting Useful Support

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Ok so the problem is the RPM would go very high while the MPH doesn’t move much no matter how fast I pedal. My connection are all paired properly.

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Chloe, I have the same issue so maybe someone can help us out.
Folks, I’m new to Zwift with just three training rides in and my motivation is getting beat down by the speed issue. I have a Tacx Neo 2, Ipad Pro, Bluetooth hrm. I’m doing the training program.
I never noticed or remember be prompted to fill in info on my bike. maybe this is done when I get these chips to trade in?
When I open the app it goes straight to the screen that gives me the ride or run choice. I thought there was supposed to be a physical baseline test but have not found that either.
Anyway, mostly my speed on the upper left screen reads under 10mph. An even in warm up I know I’m riding faster. Some times it drops to 3MPH. Everyone is passing me including runners! And I’m starting to think the “cheering fans” are mocking me. What’s worse, sometimes it shoots up to over 45mph and then drops down to 10.
My watts per Kg never go above 1.1 either.
I know I’m asking a lot. Not even sure if this is the right page to be on for these questions so I’ll copy myself incase I have to repost.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks in advance.
Fred g.

Sometimes there are weird bugs that the community can’t really help with so we normally start with the obvious things. Post a picture of the pairing screen with the neo paired.

Since the neo is a smart trainer then you aren’t asked about the wheel size.

Thank you Ben. I will upload a pic tomorrow under my post.
Fred G.

What do you mean by training program? Are you doing a workout? What happens if you just do a free ride, no workout, no ERG mode?

If you are using a smart trainer, which you are, then Zwift doesnt need to know what bike you are on because the trainer is the power meter. What type of cassette is on the trainer and your bikes gearing will matter however.

Are you possibly going uphill? What is the gradient on the mini map in the upper right hand screen?

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Good morning Mike. I appreciate the fast response from you and Ben.

Just so you know, I really love the potential of Zwift. I actually got so into it that I temporarily forgot I was in my garage.

Ben sent me an email last night asking me to post a screen shot. I started the FTP Builder program with erg enabled. I have not done a free ride yet. I will try that later today and see what shakes. Here are two screens:

Fred G.

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Hello Fred,

I suspect that the reason you are going so slow is your FTP is set too low. Training programs and workouts are all based off your FTP, so if it is very low you will not be moving fast. I’m not sure what Zwift sets FTP at by default, but you can manually change it in the workout menu. Here is some more info on FTP tests, which you should do: https://support.zwift.com/en_us/ftp-test-HypJnI_NH

Try just riding one of the worlds/routes without doing a workout and see how much different it is.


I would say so a bunch of free rides and just have a bit of fun on Zwift before jumping into a workout or workout plan.


Mike, this makes perfect sense. I just watched the vid of all three FTP tests. I’ll go for the low hanging fruit and do the ramp test first. Then I’ll do a free ride followed by my next workout. From the video I see that my FTP will get better and I assume I can retake the test monthly. Fingers crossed. Not fun being passed by a runner!

If all goes well do you recommend posting under my previous post so as to help others?

Thank you my friend. All the best.

Fred G.

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Good advice Gerrie. Just found out from Mike that I need to take the FTP test first to get calibrated. Guess I got ahead of myself. I’ll post if that solves the speed issue.

All the best.

Fred G.

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Just to clarify.

FTP is only used for workouts, that is why Mike suggested the test. During a free ride your FTP wont play a roll only your weight and height, talking about those check that you used the correct units. (it is easy to think you are in lbs and enter the value in the metric system)


More good info.

Fred G.I checked my online Zwift profile and both height and weight are entered correctly in imperial (lbs). I presume that I do not have to enter them on the app?

It seem like it’s endless waste of time because now both speed and cadence is moving but my avatar doesn’t move one bit or crawl like a snail. I am hating Zwifting right now because I cannot accomplish any thing. About to deactivate my account.

@Chloe_D, sorry you are having so many issues, but you never gave us any information to try and help you, so I will post this guide again.


What I don’t appreciate with Zwift, is when you are riding and you are going fast they interrupt you with your wheel is sliding or you have missed your calling as a pro cyclist, or your system is set up incorrectly, then they slow you down and you have to pick up again, by then many people sail by and left you behind. Then in another minute or so you get the same warning again. I am honestly getting fed up with this. You have to wait until the warning is gone to pedal again then you are left behind again and lose out.

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This means you are still not set up properly. Fix that. Zwift’s messages are trying to tell you something. The last time you posted you were going too slow, so you have probably selected the wrong trainer in an attempt to not go so slow.


I am set up properly,been doing Zwift for several years now and i never had this issue,haven’t changed anything,so how can you tell me i am not set up properly.Are you kidding me?.I am not a Noobie to Zwift!

We’ll never know because you still haven’t provided any useful information. :man_shrugging: