Too slow on bike

Hi, I started using Zwift with a smart trainer yesterday.
When i did the in app calibration, i was able to pedal to 23 mph in a few seconds.
However while riding in the game (using one of the ‘just ride’ options), i cant pedal faster than 18mph even in my bikes hardest gear and pedaling very fast. And even 18mph takes a few minutes or so to get to.

Ive confirmed my height and weight are entered correctly. My ftp is set to 100 but shouldnt matter since im not riding in a workout.
The bikes back wheel is pressed pretty firmly against the trainer and again, in the calibration i got to 23 mph super quick.

Any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @David_Oconnor

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There is no resistance during the calibration it is just the wheel speed.

18mph is not bad.


My problem is that the other bikers are flying by me, and if its like that in a live race, that kinda kills my whole point of using zwift.
Thought? Thank you

Have you done an FTP test?

What is your average speed outside.

We all have to start somewhere.

It sounds like you have a wheel on trainer? Have a look at some videos about accurate calibration for those. It could be that you have the resistance of the tire combined with the resistance of the unit a bit off. Usually you need to have a consistent tire pressure and a set number of turns once the roller contacts the tire… depends on the unit.


I havent yet but, if Im not mistaken, the zwift documentation says ftps are only used during workout sessions , which im not using. Fyi i have my ftp set to 100.

Good question and I actually have no idea as I only mountain bike in real life.

Thank! Ill look at some videos.

Btw I just watched a video of a womans recorded zwift session and she was able to quickly get to 20mph with pedaling very hard and she wasnt getting passed by all of the other bikers. That looked a lot more ‘correct.’
Im going to mess around with it some more today.