Im always last? where to start on Zwift?

Sorry but Im new to Zwift. I’ve been riding for a few months and I can’t seem to understanding the basic theme on how this works. I’m entering D class rides but i can only generate about 100 watts max no matter how hard i’m pedaling . I think I’m riding pretty good, bit can’t keep up with the D riders. i checked my weight and height and Iys set correctly.
On that note what is the best way to approach this whole thing… training?/ which ones? I do the beginner training but i can’t pedal past 45 watts so it’s pretty easy. ? What rides do I join that I am not always left behind? Basically I can’t seem to find a good source of how this all fits together… Beginning training will not get me ast 35-45 watts, other training programs go for over an hour… it seems complicated for some reason…Where is a good place to start here?
I have a new wahoo kickr trainer (2108 model) wahoo heart monitor and wahoo cadence setup. and I am getting confused…THX!

Have you done a spindown calibration of your Kickr?

45 watts is essentially me turning the cranks over by hand with almost zero resistance. I’m running power meters on my bikes plus have a Hammer Smart trainer.

yes I’ve done a spindown… Im pretty pokey sometimes when I ride, but i was wondering since im only on level 7 does it take time before they let you go faster…? Or do I have to complete some sort of tasks first before my speed goes up? sometimes I’m on a downhill, i’m in highest gear and pedaling about cadence of 90 and Im only going 22 MPH .

Your level plays no part in how fast you are.

Sounds like your trainer calibration is way off. 100 watts is light resistance. Maybe a support ticket with Zwift might help?

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Sounds like a plan. Ill get a ticket started…

You might try an advanced spindown in the Wahoo app. Tap the paragraph above the “perform spindown” button five times to show the option for an advanced spindown.

Thanks, Ill do that… i used to have a computrainer and support thinks that may be interfering with my data as well. Ill erase the old files and see what happens… ill try the advanced spindown as well. Did you notice a difference when you did the advance spindown?