Resistance too great

Hi everyone, I have tried to start with zwift on my Wahoo Kickr v5 but I can’t get my cadence any higher than about 50 without grinding the pedals so much that I have to stop after a few seconds. That’s even in the granny gear, I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong?

I’ve looked through the forum and seen a few posts about FTP being set too high or adjusting trainer difficulty, but I’m not sure how. I’ve been using zwift on an apple TV box with the companion app on an Android phone.

Is it just simply a case that I’m even more unfit than I thought I was and I need to just keep trying? I thought I’d be able to do a few 20-30 minute easy spins in zone 1 to get some fitness up but I can’t

Is this during a Zwift workout with ERG mode enabled?

there is something wrong and not with you. It’s the kicker or a change in the program set-up. I think it may be the kicker somehow as the program is ok for every body else.

what happens if you ride on the trainer without using Zwift?
if you can’t pedal on it in easiest gear without any outside app, then ur trainer is prolly busted and you should contact Wahoo support.

Sounds similar to my semi-broken ~4.5 year old hammered Direto issue, in my easiest gear (34/34) a typical cadence of ~80rpm now means I have to generate ~220W, before this issue it would be ~50W or maybe even a bit lower!

Expecting delivery of a Saris H3 literally any time after a bargain buy of sub £500 from Rutland Cycles in the sale that ended last night, even though it hopefully won’t get much use until around November.

Check what your listed weight is when you’re in the game. There’s a bug where the decimal point isn’t being recognized in some situations so your weight could be registered 100x greater than it really is.