New user help?


Brand new to Zwift and smart trainers, Recieved a Kickr Core yesterday… Set it all up and logged into zwift.

Logged onto a workout to give it a go and the trainer has new resistance? Legs are spinning out at 160watts or so…

Is this a problem with the Trainer? Swift or setup…? I’ve done a set up through the wahoo app and a spin down etc,

I’ve done a little digging into the EGR mode not working correctly.

Any thoughts are welcome,



What is your FTP set at within the User Profile? (here is how to access the menu:

Also going to get @Gerrie_Delport in here since he is more experienced in Smart trainers and Workouts.

I have a few questions. Apart from what @Paul_Allen has already asked.

Did you pair your trainer as power source and Controllable?

Was the training session in ERG (ERG on or off?)

If ERG is off then you have to manualy adjust your resistance, using the companion app (incline) or the ± buttons on the keyboard or the onscreen menu up and down arrow.

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Hi Guys.

Thanks for the help, My trainer is currently paired like this (Slightly different numbers for the same trainer)

And FTP is set at 153W (It was set like that when I first started, I’ve not adjusted it) and ERG mode is clicked on…

I planned on doing an FTP test last night but couldn’t get through the pre work part before the test one section was maybe 240watts for 3 minutes I think and my legs spun out trying to increase the cadence to that power… My thinking was the trainer should increase the resistance to allow me to pedal at say 90 RPM at 240watts?

I’m thinking about uninstalling the app from my Mac and starting again… I also have a android phone so could run zwift though that?

Quick thought, for the controllable do you see a option for FE-C like you have for the Powersource, if you do change it to FE-C. (click on unpair then on Pair and you should see a list)

FE-C is the latest protocol for controllable trainers.

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Ah… Yes done that and FE-C came up so I’ve paired to that for the controllable now,

I’ll give it a go tomorrow and report back.

Many thanks for your help!!

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