New to zwift- What am I doing wrong?

Just finished my 3rd ride using “New” wahoo kickr. I’m doing the 12 week FTP builder workouts and I noticed that during the ride the resistance gets too easy and my speed drops to nothing, I’m barely moving. This happens in and out of ERG mode. What am I doing wrong?

Kelley, if your doing a workout what workout are you doing?

The workouts default to erg mode when you have smart trainer.  If the interval is say about 50 to 75 watts the resistance is not going to feel all that much.  As it will keep you at that wattage, the best thing to do is keep spinning and not worry.  And if your only kept at 50 to 75 watts your avatar on screen is not going to go that fast.


do you have a link to your strava data?

if you are getting low resistance at the gray intervals that is normal.  

Thanks so much for the feedback. I realized I never did an initial spin down calibration when I first set up my Kickr.  I did it before my Zwift workout today and it seems to have fixed the resistance issue. Definitely don’t need to worry about it being too easy anymore, haha. Kicked my Butt!!!

also don’t forget to update your firmware.  and you may want to get a usb extension cord for your ant+ dongle.