During workout can't decrease watts - erg mode


I was doing the FTP Booster - Foundations workout today that asked to keep at 110 watts for 5 minutes and 80 watts in between for the rest period.

When I got to the 80 watts rest period I kept failing those sections b/c no matter what I tried (slowing down, pedaling lightly) I would always hover around 110 watts and the erg mode would just make the trainer harder at a slower cadence.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I’m using a Windows 10 laptop and a 2017 Wahoo Kickr Snap.


Yes, had the same issue two days ago with different watts. I paused workout, calibrated smart trainer with Wahoo app. This did not resolve the issue. I then turned off ERG mode then turned on ERG mode. This helped. Looks to me like an issue in Zwift since other users seem to have the same issue.

Hi Kenny,

Same thing has happened to me since the new version of Zwift came out.
I own a Drivo II which is laggy at adjusting resistance, it usually takes 10-14 sec to adjust it but it never got stuck at the end of an interval in ERG before. This has been happening every single session since the new version was intalled in my PC.