Errant ERG changes

Over the last few months I’ve been noticing wide and sometimes sudden variations in the resistance mode. I’ve noticed them while in group (non-banded) rides. And often I see post-ride stats indicating that I reached peaks of 700, 800, or more w/kg. With a post-heart procedure FTP of 140 you can imagine my surprise. I’m riding a wahoo kickr that otherwise has no problems.

Yesterday I did a custom Velopro workout which had me pedaling for 40 minutes at 90 w/kg. I was maintaining a steady pace, but on about 5-8 occasions the power jumped up to about 140 - 160 and I received that urgent message to Slow Down, even though I hadn’t changed pace. The ERG would then correct itself eventually. on two occasions the power showed (or alleged) that my power had jumped to 1100 + w/kg.

I have adopted the policy of doing more frequent spindowns, but this has not corrected the problem.

What happens when you test ERG mode using the Wahoo Fitness app instead of Zwift? If the same behavior occurs there, contact Wahoo support.

(Also, obligatory comment to check firmware and always do the spindown using the Wahoo app, not Zwift.)

Hi there, I’m having similar issues, I’m new to watt bikes and Zwift and was loving it last week, this week however when I’m doing an event on Zwift the resistance seems to fluctuate massively and sometimes almost impossible to move pedals. I can hear the motors whirring away moving magnets in/out. I have gen 1 Wattbike. Thanks