Low Resistance in Training or FTP programs

Hello, I am new to Zwift and received my Hub yesterday. I set it up and logged in to Zwift for the first time, calibrated the spin down and had a free ride to check it out… all seems fine.

Next I wanted to do my FTP but I found that although I had the ERG mode activated the resistance seemed lacking and when asked to produce 140W I was spinning over 120rpm in the highest gear… strange, I tried a couple of training rides and the same thing occurred.

In the end I entered a race event and the resistance seemed fine.

Am I missing something?

BTW the Hub and the community support seem really great. Can’t wait to get into it!


Did you get to 140 watts? When in ERG mode the faster you spin the less resistance will be applied, kind of backwards from what you might think. If you spin slower it will get harder as the trainer adjusts resistance to keep you at the target watts, 140 in your example.

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The first time I tried the Ramp Test Lite I had the same thing. I ended up spinning out and gave up. I think I was a bit keen and needed to hold my cadence and let the trainer bring the resistance up to me. I’ve since done the Ramp Test and had no problems.

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