Resistance is too low with Kicker during intervals

Ive been using zwift for the several months with no issues. But recently when I did a Gorbi Interval workout at 260watts my heart rate only rose up to 120hpm, which is way too low. I have an FTP of 225 watts. I was able to finish the workout, Zwift gave me 90TSS and then I check trainingpeaks with the HTSS and it was only 40TSS, which is in check with what I was feeling. 

I have done advanced spindowns several times, checked other workouts and Im still getting a low resistance. Its really frustrating since Im trying to get a good difficult workout but the resistance is too low. 

Is anybody having the same issues? 


Have you tried doing a workout/test ride in the Wahoo app? I’m wondering it’s a problem with your trainer. I checked your pairing history, and your KICKR came up with some weird data I’ve never seen before.

If you’re able to set resistance appropriately in the Wahoo app, create a ticket, and we’ll look into this further on our end. Thanks!

Thanks for the reply Jason, so I did a workout with the wahoo app and Im having the same issue. So its definetly a problem with the Kickr and not Zwift. 

I talked to Wahoo and they said that my brake strength is 2.6, which is higher than what it should be, so now im trying to figure out with Wahoo what I need to do to get that fixed. 


I have the same issue with resistance too low. My wahoo app works great and sets the resistance correctly. Any tips on how to correct this with zwift? Thanks.