AI Bot recommendation

(Jeff Doughty PVC WBR (B)) #1

As of right now, I find the AI Bots fairly annoying. They are never useful to draft behind and usually act as a competitor. If you can draft one for a couple seconds before it either drops behind you again, and sprints off into the distance you’ve done well. I don’t know if that’s intentional or not.

For me I would prefer a bot free Zwift. I don’t really want to draft them as I would prefer to set PRs by my own doing. And having them leapfrog me every couple seconds for a mile or 2 is just annoying.

The upgrades so far have been outstanding and you guys are doing a great job. After the last update I will say I have seen some odd behavior from the bots on the other side of the double yellow. Sometimes they go at an angle across the screen and off into the woods. Just thought I’d mention that

(Stewart G teamWBR) #2

I agree that I tend to ignore the bots myself but maybe if they were going round at cetrain average watts it would be good to tag along with one. Maybe they could have their watt ave. on their backs? This would give them a purpose other than to populate the now busier island.
Ideally we could set one at a level ourselves and just try and keep up for a workout simulation.

(Matt Howey) #3

I agree. I would like the ability to turn bots on and off or customize them to some sort of workout so that only I can see them?? Either way, the way they aren’t very useful (either to slow or too fast) is quite annoying.

Definitely agree with taking them off the leader boards!!

(Greg Gibson-Haymarket) #4

The AIs were around to keep us company in the early days of the beta. Now the island is always hopping so I agree they are less useful. Scaling their numbers based on how many live riders there are would be a good add, and I sort of have the suspicion something like that has already been implemented.

I also like the idea of having them circle the island at a pre-determined wattage with the wattage number on their backs. Would be a good way of being paced around the island at a consistent power.

(Onno Pierik) #5

Maybe you should change
set nAIBikes=24
in your your currentconfig.txt to a different value.

This file can be found in /Program Files (x86)/Zwift/data/configs

(Matt Howey) #6

What does this setting do? I set it to 50 and 0 and didn’t notice anything super obvious…

(Matt Howey) #7

In fact, the whole content of that file…

res 1280x720(16x)
time 14:30
aniso 4
sres 1024
set nAIBikes=0
//set bDrawTrees=0
//set bloomStrength=0.55

I wonder what bDrawTrees and bloomStrength are…they appear to be commented out. I uncommented them and started Zwift but didn’t see anything obvious…any insight into what these settings do would be appreciated!

(Karl Litterer) #8

That nAIbikes parameter is ignored if you look at the top of your main .log file for a ride. It has no impact at all. I believe the AI riders live on Jarvis Island (the server) and appear/disappear based on the number of riders. If you get disconnected, ALL the other riders disappear including the AI. That parameter is probably left over from a previous version.

(Bob Ryskamp INC) #9

Love the idea of “pacing” (consistent wattage) riders, would be much more natural to draft someone else than it is staring at a number.