2014-10-31 feedback (~45 minute ride)

a) I am riding single speed - I’ll add details in a more appropriate place.
b) My cadence sensor was dropping at times. It seemed to correlate with lower cadence (it read well around 80-90 but when I was at 60 and below it would drop to 0 a lot. I did not troubleshoot yet so it is likely a hardware/physical issue)

  1. I found drafting (bots) very difficult. I expected (from both outdoor riding as well as other draft simulation software I’ve ridden) that I would generally ride into the draft and then back off on the effort to roll up to the wheel and then come back on to about 85% of my effort and be able to hold my place fairly well. In Zwift, I had to REALLY back off to not overrun the AI bots. I finally got to test on a 0% grade section and found I could draft a little by riding at about 110w. That was 21mph. I pulled out later to test and it took 180w to do the same 21mph without the draft. For all the non-flat portions, behavior was odd. I really had to crawl to not overrun the bots on the hills or flats, but on the downhills they would take off like a rocketship and I could not catch them. It was as if they weighed 400lb.
  2. I’m an information security professional. I’d recommend (ironically) backing off a bit on the rigor. I’d drop the password length requirement to 6 or 7 chars and allow a user to stay logged into the support portal for months on end. I know this is the full spectrum of things you are responsible for securing (within this project) but it is worth looking at it from the perspective of the end-user and all the things they are keeping secure (bank, healthcare data, paypal account, e-mail) and determining where this fits with regard to likelihood and impact and compromise. I would place it pretty low.
  3. I wasn’t clear what exactly what achievements/segments were being referenced in the popup kudos. I notice the polka dot KOM at the top of the climb and later realized those two markers were the start and end, but the other one wasn’t labeled at all. I presume it is the start/finish of the lap, but the popup wasn’t indicative of that at all. In addition to the graphics being more clear (KOM start, KOM finish, Start/Finish line) it would also be good if the popup was clear on what was being awarded. (“Lap 4: 1.5m etc”)
  4. When the segment completion notification popped up it focused on my BEST time in the leaderboard displayed, but had my CURRENT time on the left. I’m not sure if this is best - maybe it should show the current time and where it would land on the leaderboard instead of the best. Also - I assume the people on the leaderboard are those “on the road” at that time? I think the bots/AI should be excluded completely.
  5. On my graphics there were these super luminescent bright green spots that would appear here and there and move around a little. I’m thinking those were leaves. Those definitely rendered in some odd way-too-bright manner that was unintended on my PC. If this is of interest I can run some diags so you know my graphics drivers/mode and/or grab some screenshots.
  6. Similarly, I noticed a translucent/flashing horse or cow or satyr or something in the bushes up near the Deliverance Cabin, I think. Nice halloween ride touch!
  1. "On my graphics there were these super luminescent bright green spots " - those appear when it is dark and I think they represent fireflies.
  2. " I noticed a translucent/flashing horse or cow or satyr" - ROFL that is just made my day. Anyways it is a deer. I asked Zwift about it and they said they put it there for testing purposes and that most people do not notice it.