flat and downhill drafting via Computrainer still problematic

I’ve said this a few times, but have not seen any improvement. I’m using a well calibrated Computrainer.

Trying to draft anyone AI or live riders is very difficult. On the downhill section, riders in front of me using significantly lower wpkg are leaving me in the dust. I have to produce about double wpkg just to stay close. My zwift drag coefficient must be really BAD!

On the flats, I have to maintain about the same wpkg to stay in a rider’s draft. I can see this being closer to reality on the uphill sections, but on the flats?

Hopefully you guys are working hard on this. I want to at least be a good wheel sucker on Zwift!!!

We are definitely working on drafting (in addition to 6 million other things) :slight_smile:

We’re hoping we’ll get another incremental improvement out very soon.

One thing you might look at is to check you have the correct weight setting. I was finding it that I was going past people up the hills easily but being dropped instantly over the top. I thought it was just the way the CT interprets the data. This morning I noticed my weight was set at 95lbs and not 95kg as I had thought it was. Over the lap it would even out the ave. speed but gave the different effects to what I would have expected on the up/down slopes.