Draft effect snaps to passing slower riders!

Hi all,

I spend most of my time racing on Zwift. I’ve rode over 4000 miles on it and the only thing I really get upset with is the poor draft effect.

I’m 61KG and have used both a power meter and smart trainer. Racing mainly in B races I can generally finish top 10 but as groups are split and smaller packs of 4-6 riders form I always see issues with draft arising which completely spoils the realism of Zwift - especially when I’ve completely spent all my effort in racing for past 45 mins!

I don’t know if it’s because I’m so light weight but if I’m towards the back end of a 6 man split and we’re all doing around 3.5 - 4w/kg if our break rolls through a single rider, they have a massive impact on my draft effect from the group I’m perfectly drafting. To the point where I seemingly stick like glue to their rear and then need to pump out 6w/kg to break from them and try to get back on the group I was perfectly racing with! It ends up spoiling things as I’m losing so much energy having to make huge spikes in power to overcome this flaw.

Can these issues be looked at with urgency as it’s really annoying as immersive as Zwift is, this just breaks the reality and is a huge shame :frowning:

Moving to the feedback forum.

After talking with our dev team, they’ve let me know that this is an area we expect to improve on in 2017. Thanks for the feedback! Keep sharing your ideas on how we can improve Zwift. :slight_smile:

Have had the same thing when just managing to hang to a group ride, you go past a slightly slower rider who is not in the group and it selects them as your draft target, at which point you get spat out the back with no hope of getting back to the group.

Look forward to getting that fixed thanks

Just came here to say this exact same thing. Being a lighter rider, this kills me. I hope this gets improved soon. 

Thanks for the feedback on fixing this Jason.


This is a big problem for me as well.  Causes me to get dropped from my group.  Im 140 lbs.  Not sure how much weight plays into it but a few others mentioned that they were light riders.  Very frustrating when riding at the limit.