What's wrong with my draft?

Have been doing a fair few zwift races recently including a league series. Over the last few races I’ve noticed a guy who consistently beats me.

The races tend to be the usual format of hang on to the lead group, split the group as many times as possible on the hills and sprint finish.

Anyway, when I look at the numbers at the end my avg WKG are 4.1kg whereas this guy is putting out 3.8WKG. His NP is lower than mine too. He is pretty much the same weight as me. So, when it comes down to the sprint, he wins every time. I like to think I’d have a decent sprint if I hadn’t just buried myself for the last 50 minutes…

Question is, how is this possible. I try to do as little work as possible in the pack. I’m almost wondering if there is a problem with my setup. It always feels like my avatar is lagging my trainer?! Or am I watching the wrong thing.

I’m kind of stumped by this. Am I underestimating the amount of skill required to draft in Zwift…

Hi @kiyol_sakie welcome to zwift forums.
What type of bike are you selecting? TT bikes don’t have a draft.

Are you using a powerup during these sprints? If he’s using the aero powerup during the sprint and you’re not, he’s going to go faster all else being equal.

Could it also be related to your height? I think the algorithm that computes your speed factors in more drag if you are taller.

the draft on zwift could be improved. To be honest though, I’m sure this is way more complicated than it seems. The sticky draft is so frustrating. I’ve been zwifting for a number of years and some times it feels like the draft is stronger in some races than others. (I’m not talking double draft) I don’t know the calculations involved but somethines it feels like I am really struggling to get any benefit, I.e I can’t hold on to someone who is pushing something like 1 w/kg less than me. Other times it feels just right.

Might just be in my head but it definatlery feels like there is a lot of variability in it.

he might be heavier, he might be shorter, he might be using powerups better than you, he might have a more efficient frame/wheel setup than you, dunno /shrug

Don’t underestimate the importance of the sticky draft either.

You could be pushing more watts and yo-yoing to the front and back of the group. The other guy could be feeling the draft better and putting out less watts while staying hidden within the pack.

On the sprint, always best to create a lead out for yourself. If its the same guy each time winning position yourself of their wheel for the entire last km and use their draft.