Please fix the drafting logic

There is no way you fall 5 meter outside the pack and you can’t catch up. Meanwhile in the middle of the pack you can do 2.5 w/kg and stay fine. Fall 5 meters back and riding 7w/kg you can’t catch up.

haha yes that’s true! and there is no way that you will ride 40 km/h or even more with 3 w/kg AVG.

Another great one today…hare and hounds…riding with the group and pulling for 35 minutes… pass the C and B groups and it throws me on their draft and kicks me out of the A draft… 5 m back and couldn’t catch them. Garbage.

Getting stuck in the wrong draft, however short or long that may be, is actually a fairly old bug. As far as I remember, the lighter you are, the worse it gets. I have that fairly often when I ride alone. Do 4 w/kg, try to pass a guy who’s doing 3, get in his wheel instead and slowing down while maintaining power. For me it takes only a few seconds to get out again. Annoying but not deal breaking.

I never experienced something like in your initial post, however. I had it about twice that I couldn’t close a 30 second gap, which felt terribly wrong, but that’s about it.

It’s best to open a bug report including a log file in cases like that. Letting off steam here may feel good but is unlikely to have any lasting effect. :slight_smile:

This is absolutely frustrating especially when chasing! At a certain point the phenomenon won’t hinder speed but often times it’s just sensless braking effort.

When steering hits the main game hopefully we can get rid of the annoying sticky draft. :smiley: At least for races with steering enabled.

Any chance this also has something to do with the new ‘rolling resistance’ “feature”? I’m not sure what route you were riding, but there are a number of reported instances since the latest update of people putting out lots of power and not being able to stay with others putting out far less power because they have the “wrong” wheel/tire combo for the road surface.

I’m not a fan of the draft logic, either, as it doesn’t emulate IRL situations at all, but the rolling resistance issue may just be adding insult to injury.

How do i configure that? Windows PC and zwift companion app

There is no configuration, it just happened with the latest update. Different tires (well, wheels, since we can’t actually pick tires) now behave differently on different surfaces. One of the other threads has a video of someone on the jungle section doing 6-7 WKg and not being able to keep up with other riders doing under 3 WKg. It’s a bit nutty, and seems to be generating a lot of complaints in it’s current incarnation, especially since Zwift offered no insight at to which tires work better on which surfaces.

Here it is: