Enhanced draft?

Just thinking that the draft at the moment is already too big of a factor and the blob effect is way too big. This makes it hard for a rider to escape the group. It shouldnt be possible that if the leader in the group is doing 4.0 and you are doing 4.5 that the group is still closing in

This is what i have been saying for quite some while now. The draft is to big.

Cut the draft in half…

That’s not a bad idea. Our developers like to peruse this and our Feature Requests forum for new projects, so the more community feedback the better.

As far as I can tell, the draft and zwift physics in general pretty closely reflects real life. It is easy for someone doing 4.0 watts per kilo to catch someone doing 4.5 if they are heavier (i.e. producing more watts overall) and the road is reasonably flat.

I dunno, feels like the draft effect is pretty realistic - it *should* be hard for a rider to break away, that’s the physics. 

One thing that feels slightly off is how ridiculously hard it is to get back on the the back of a group if you lose touch for an instant - part of it is due to the lag in the effort you put out to it being reflected by the avatar - a 1-2 second delay and boom, you’re out the back and you’ll never catch back on. Would rather see some work on that end.

@S. Urista: Your comments don’t tie. You’re saying it shouldn’t be easy to get away but it should be easy to catch up…

Have you ever been in a race? If you drop of a pack that’s going at a good speed youre gone. No chance you will get back on. What i think is not realistic is the draft the second rider gets if you’re riding with another. Sometimes i do 4w/kg and another rider similar weight as me does like 2.5-2.7w/kg and actually catches me again or keeps up.

I don’t think you read what I actually wrote. I fully understand how racing and drafting works, thanks…

My issue is not with the drafting physics - when it works, it all feels very realistic. My issue is with the drafting mechanics in-game, sometimes the avatar seems to move in/out of the draft for no discernible reason, or there is often a slight delay that means you sometimes lose touch with the group even after responding to moves right away because of the 1-2 second delay between your action and the avatar responding (I’m certainly not the only person to notice this; it’s quite common to see when watching Zwift races streamed online). 

That’s what I want Zwift to focus on.