Improve race experience: draft efficiency & physics engine & race filter

I’m not native English speaker so please forgive my poor language.


  1. The game should show the player information about draft efficiency in watts or percentage. Also, drafting efficiency should be different when the player is riding in a pack (over 5 riders, for example) from riding behind another rider. This will make the race more realistic.

  2. The physics engine needs some modification. The bike stops too fast when stops pedaling. In real life when I stop pedaling from 40k/h, the bike usually goes forward for another couple of hundred meters before it stops. But in the game it’s completely different. This makes racing in the game more likely to be ITT, since riders wouldn’t benefit from high intensity efforts as the bike loses speed too quickly.

  3. The races shouldn’t be disturbed by non-racers. On the other hand, non-racers should be able to watch the race, give ride on’s to racers and. So it would be better if there’s a filter applied to race. Racers should only be able to see the rivals with same racing code in the game while they can be seen by everyone in the game.



I use a CompuTrainer for Zwift. When I stop pedaling on a flat it is a longer roll down than you describe. Uphill seems almost realistic.

Possibly your trainer acts differently or has a setting that can be tweaked to make it more realistic.

Hi Dong, 

Thanks a lot your suggestions. 

  1. Added to already existing request
  2. Good point, I’ll create a new suggestion
  3. We’ve got some exciting features coming out with the group ride functionality (coming soon)  :)

Therefore stay tuned and Ride On!

I’m quite new to zwift (1week) - thus based only on 4 rides.

During the last ride when riding in group - sometimes I had to stop pedaling  to fall back to the group - I had the impression that the road resistance was too less. I’ll investigate further. Maybe it’s due to resistance calculation ‘avg 3 second’ setting?