Drafting idea

I’m fairly new to zwift, but I think drafting could use some help. I find it too hard to do. I’ll either shoot by the person (or AI) or drop off then rinse and repeat. 

My idea for helping this is some sort of graphic showing wind (or something) going by you. Maybe you’ll see three streams of wind when you are in peak position, and then two to one when you are coming to close to dropping out or overtaking. 

I also think having something pop up near your current watts that shows what estimated wattage you need to stay drafting would be helpful.

My last thing is that I never know when a good group to draft off of is coming by. The way I’m set up to ride its too hard for me to keep changing my view to look back. My only thought would be some sort of warning when a group of X amount of riders are coming up on you so you have time to pick up speed. Maybe an update to the map in the top right corner would help here too.


I posted this pic because the smoke stream is what I imagine when I said wind above, but I would probably rather see it off to the side instead of over my head.

Displaying a percentage of optimal draft and watts savings would be nice too.

yeah - I  agree - the  drafting  weirdness was the 1st thing I noted when  trying it out. 

The computrainer software  has  a really easy drafting  setup -  it  tells you  when you are in the  draft and  you  know the  zone to  stay in the  draft  1-30ft (I think) - the  draft  advantage  changes  depending on your position in that zone