Better Drafting?

On one of the ToW rides this morning, Eric Min was the ride leader/beacon. At one point during the ride he posted something along the lines of ‘Tip: you get a better draft riding in camera view 3/first-person view.’ Um, what? Does anyone have any insight as to whether this is true, or was this just a little Sunday morning hijinx?

I think the point is that with that view it’s easier to see when you are in the prefect position.


Hmmm. Could be. But since I can’t actually control my position finitely, and my actual position that Zwift thinks I’m in might be different than what I see on screen, I’m not convinced this would be true.

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Eric said “TIP: camera 3, the first person view is the best for drafting”.

3 is the best camera for drafting because it’s easier to see the rider in front of you as they slowly start to pull away or as you get closer to their wheel. In the default 1 camera, much of this info is blocked by your own rider AND you’re further away so the changes are harder to see and calculate your own changes in power to stay in the draft.

The camera choice you made doesn’t change anything about the physics of the draft mechanics in game.


Thanks for the clarification @Wes

this view allows you to see when your rider is drafting (he sits up) Vs when he is not getting assistance (he down on the drops)

I think this was just a little Sunday morning hijinx.

Yeah definitely. Although camera 1 is better for timing a sprint and attacking. It would be really nice if there was an easy shortcut on the companion app to switch between just the two views.

The sprint can be quite hectic and I never really watch the riders coming from behind with the label that says how far back they are. I would love a rear view window that can be toggled on/off for those critical moments when I want it.

Alternatively an even further back view maybe just a bit more back than view 1 could also help. It would give us some reaction time as riders from behind would be visually seen sooner.