Group ride draft feels off

the problem:
the draft i’m assuming from what i’m seeing my avatar do on the screen and the draft that my avatar is actually experiencing seem to be out of sync.

yesterday i did a group ride called Wakey Wakey Kiwi Crew, which had the rank for the group ride on the right side. for a few weeks now, i’ve been struggling to maintain pacing in group rides, and it’s been puzzling - i’ve never had this problem before.

during this ride, thanks to the ranks on the right side, i saw that my avatar would be in something like 10th place visually, but the ranking on the right side might say somewhere between 30-40th place. this would happen even if i “broke away” visually from the group and held there for a few minutes. it also was reversing if i sank back into the group; i might have 30 guys ahead of me and still show 18th place.

i think this may describe why i’ve been having strange pacing problems; it’s possible that i’m feeling draft when i shouldn’t be (causing my cadence to increase and power to decrease), and not feeling draft when i should (causing my power to increase with slower cadence). the end result is a weird yoyo-ing through the group and an overall drop in my avg wattage for a ride. not all group rides show the ranking, so i can’t confirm.

has anyone else noticed any difference in pacing with group rides? if i ride solo, i don’t notice it as much.

I’ve noticed that since steering update in Aug that drafting is different. My dude is constantly reminded to “close the gap” been in the middle of 200 riders. I’ve seen a few others have similar drafting comments over past several weeks. I assume everyone experiencing the same so we are all equals.

My theory is that our avatars used to be able to sit broadly behind another avatar and all is good - it now seems that we have reduced field of draft (ie, having to be more directly behind).

Probably makes sense as being in the draft for a sterzo user would mean its they have less space on the road as they need clear lanes I think.