I thought there’d be a satisfactory solution by now. Especially as the response to me a year ago was that it be addressed in 2017.

However, big guys like me still have to hammer to get any speed down hill, and drafting reduces my watts, even while I work as hard to stay in the group. 

So instead of playing with my watts - I am on a direct drive Kickr, why aren’t you simply giving a speed boost when a rider gets in a pack? 

A simple solution, leave my trainer watts alone and boost the speed. It then allows me settle into the group and relax my pedaling. I then don’t have to dramatically jump my watts when I leave the bunch. Right now, the draft solution is a handicap if I am passing a bunch. Its like a black hole for power. 

Seems simple to me. 

You can push hard verry hard !!! But with 5 riders back come back too you with only 290watt and you ride 400watt 450watt !!! Only the light riders fly on hillys and on flat !!! Simpel in race sit and wait and do nothing how more you do only kill you self !!! Thanks zwift and draft!!! I hope the new platforms gif better solution for draft and switch too the new hooo YES!!!

So 2 disagreements - one for each comment - and no explanation?  I’ll remain polite.