Remove the ability to draft anyone not on power doing 4w/kg for more than 15sec

Been noticing an uptick in races where there are flyers in races putting out 5w/kg + for entire races. Most of these people aren’t on any sort of power and the real issue comes into how zwift draft works for “A” races, most of us are strong enough that if we see a flyer we can jump on their draft and cruise to an easy win but draft is so hit or miss that it doesn’t always work. I understand zwifts policy of not wanting to exclude people who aren’t on power from racing but at this point I’ve been in at least 10 races that are 100% decided by someone putting out an entirely unrealistic and unmetered effort. So my thought is allow people without power to draft but make them not contribute any draft themselves. This way there is no reward to chase flyers on races, if it’s possible make it after a certain w/kg (4-5w/kg + would probably do it).v