Disable drafting

Please disable drafting. Your ‘logic’ makes no sense and any attempt to replicate real physics has dismally failed. Your current implementation is more an annoyance than anything else. You tried, kudos to you but now accept defeat and let it go PLEASE!

Didn’t you quit Zwift until they “deliver a GUI that is worth spending money on”?

You know you can use a TT bike to eliminate the draft, but you would rather complain.


Hi @Mike_Rowe1 you are correct and I was given a month and a trail by zwift ‘support’, not that I have to explain myself to you. It is always nice to have such a knowledgeable person such as yourself available to point out the obvious but you are so versed in the obvious that you miss the obvious. Your suggestion would, unfortunately, put some at an advantage and others at a disadvantage whereas removing something that is clearly not working as it should will benefit all. But again thank you for your concern and great suggestion. Watch out for my Facebook friend request :wink:

Removing drafting would benefit all? I don’t follow.

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@Steve_Hammatt since drafting simply does not work the way you would expect it to work i.e. you ride in the middle of the pack at constant w/kg and you start drifting forward, then all of a sudden you shoot out the front, start slowing down, and gets overhauled and spit out the back. Ever tried riding with pace partners? It is a constant battle trying to stay due to the drafting. I’ve tried a constant w/kg and speed but due to the ‘drafting’, it becomes more like interval training than pacing. Gone up a 5%+ incline @ 3w/kg catching somebody doing 2.xw/kg and then sucked in behind them due to the sticky ‘draft’? And sitting in a draft when catching a group going slower means that you have a very good chance of getting stuck behind one of them if you do not significantly up your output to stay with the front guys. Where IRL does this happen? Seriously? But there is a draft benefit at speed and just hopping onto a TT bike to ‘disable’ it does not affect others. Just removing a clearly flawed implementation of a function mean nobody drafts, all is equal.

I love the draft - it’s my biggest single motivator on Zwift.

No, it isn’t perfect. Yes, it’s annoying when I’m riding past someone and suddenly slow down to their speed. Yes, it took me months of practice to figure out how to “ride smart” in a group. Riding with the pace partners can be challenging at times, and this is a great way of practising.

But chasing that next wheel, getting in the draft and getting towed along is a great motivator for me - it makes me feel like I’m chasing and riding with other people, not just robots . Sometimes I like seeing that I’ve ridden smarter at the end of a race, using less energy than those around me, and sometimes I love towing groups of other people faster along the road towards new PBs.

We’re all different. :slight_smile:


Removing drafting would completely remove my interest in Zwift. It may not be perfect or good by your standards, but without drafting, we are all just riding alone and other people are simply scenery.

But also, the relatively fixed power output of pace partners is unnatural. If I wanted to ride on a fixed power output, I would ride in erg mode.


@Thomas_Garvey I am to impress and now that I have impressed you I am happy :wink:

The fact that you woke up from your 3 year slumber to respond to my thread is really humbling, just wish you could have done it sooner. Love you too :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: (ye we share a common secret Tommy)

Is it possible to vote against here?
Would like to give my -1…


I think this is great logic. Feature x is imperfect → feature x should be disabled.

Pushing this a tad further:
The user interface is imperfect, difficult to manage → the interface should be disabled. Just use a Command Line Interface. Something like “ride /world=23 /route=4638 /bike=84753 /kit=62583” would be perfect.

The graphics engine has many flaws and errors → the graphics engine should be disabled. We would then enter the app, run a CLI script, ride for an hour in front of a blank screen, and then get stats blurted on-screen.

Problem solved, no more bugs. And the app could really run on a potato.


Especially when you compare Zwift to the real world, where there are cars, traffic lights, rain, bugs, potholes, etc.