To draft or not to draft

Let me start by stating the obvious - zwift has no idea how drafting works IRL. But it is forced onto their users so there we have it.

Lately, I have noticed that my avatar does not know if it should be drafting or not. I’ll be sitting in the MIDDLE of a huge peleton (50+) and the avatar would pop up and down randomly. My understanding of the crap drafting implementation is that if the avatar sits up you are drafting and if it is ducking down you are not. So I’m wondering, am I not in the draft when my avatar ducks down in the middle of this huge peleton? I am not on the side but in the middle when this happens. Probably not a bug but a feature of the useless drafting ‘logic’.

Didn’t you complain about this in another thread you started today, also? Please complain in one place, only, instead of starting multiple threads on the same topic. Also, if the drafting bothers you so much just switch to the TT bike and you won’t have to worry about it.


yeah I was a little confused too. On the TDZ I was in a big group and it let me draft a little bit not as much as usual. :open_mouth: