Feedback from today's (12/28/2014) ride

Another great ride today but I did notice a couple of issues.

First, there was for a while a rider (last name Ayoub I believe) that was popping in and out of the rider list for several minutes. I first thought he was just moving rapidly up and back but that turned out not to be the case. I watched it closely for a minute or two and he was actually appearing and disappearing, causing the rider list to expand and contract by one rapidly. Since he was appearing near the top for me it caused the whole rider list to jump around in a manner that made it hard to see.

Second, I had another instance of a virtual rider, who’s name I don’t remember, passing me, riding in front of me for a bit, then suddenly swerving violently all over the road for a few seconds.

I still had the problem with rider info bubbles being a little erratic but since no major updates have been released it doesn’t surprise me. Otherwise it was a good ride.

Also from a ride today, 12/28:

  • Need persistent login
  • AI riders coming the opposite direction would swerve violently when cornering
  • What speeds/watts are the AI riders supposed to be at? When I come up on one, I have to slow WAAAAAYYYY down to try and grab a wheel. Then, one good pedal stroke and I’ll shoot by them. If I soft pedal to stay in the draft, my rider is drinking from his bottle constantly.
  • At completion, the ‘your best’ is blank.
  • I’m curious, how are points determined for the unlocking of various items?
  • details on the rider listing are hard to see while riding (I have a 19" monitor about 4 feet from my bike). A little larger font would be nice.
  • Would very much like to customize data shown on screen while riding. Mostly I’d like to add kj and avg W.

There were 4 or 5 real riders on the course tonight, it was fun seeing the progress. Tons of potential as more come on.