feedback part 2

So things I noticed after this morning’s upgrade:
The sprint/KOM start signs and ET timers are awesome! Really ups the fun factor.
The graphics seemed better in general but I think it was just because it was rendering bright daytime and I’ve had a lot of dusk lighting rides lately.
That deer has gotten a lot better.
Great work on the Thanksgiving Zeppelin.
The rider status/bands are much improved. I really like marking the ones holding the different jerseys and showing w/kg on each. If you take the tack of showing all the metrics on all the riders (at least while clicking on a rider and viewing them) then it would also be good to have the HR zone reflected on those bands. I noticed someones power went from dim to blue around 3 w/kg and then to orange at around 9 w/kg. It would be cool if a heart icon also appeared or lit up when they hit zone 4 or 5. Maybe orange for z4 and then pops out and goes red on z5!
Drafting still just isn’t quite usable at all - AI’s or humans. I’m thinking maybe that is related to a choppy connection. Speaking of that, it would be good to have some connection metrics. Maybe a hotkey that would overlay a bunch of debug data. (maybe “d”?). Latency to the server would be good, version number, and I’m sure there are some other things that would be helpful. Oh yes maybe my “mile marker” idea in that mode too!