Feedback 12-29-14

I had a really fun ride, thank you. You’ve probably heard these all before, but I’m guessing this is what you’re looking for in a beta, so here goes :wink:

missed the graphics from the Christmas, but heard NYE will have some.

phone app switched over correctly to “in ride” mode, but after I closed it and re-opened, it wouldn’t go back to “in ride” mode, just stayed on the “remote” mode.

people that are logged on, but not moving: I don’t mind them being in the middle of the road, but their times on the timing board (on the right hand side) will “flicker” quite a bit if they are in the same spot - looks like one gets ahead of the other for a split second. Maybe don’t even include people on this board if they haven’t started yet, or have been inactive for a period of time

I would like to know what achievements I’ve completed, what I haven’t (so I can shoot for them), what I’ve currently unlocked with my level, etc. You probably have plans for some type of “career” board that would include all this

auto-strava upload. I know you’ve got plans, so…

When more than one person is coming up behind you, I think you need to tweak the z-order of their times. I’d like to see the person closest to me first to know when they’re going to get me. Currently it seems like the second of the two is shown OVER the banner for the closest. It also is a bit cluttered and un-readable when in a sprint as well.

not sure if feels like it’s that much easier going downhill. I know my KICKR is working, probably just me looking for more of a break :wink:

Will the leaderboard show if one person has 2 jerseys because of best times? If they lose one of them, will they go back to the one they still own? Related: how long does the “leader” stay the leader after they leave the game - I don’t see their name in the rider’s board (on the right), but I believe they’re still in the “Time to Beat” banner, aren’t they?

I’m still not the greatest on drafting.

Love it all, thank you. Hope some of this helped.

  1. I’ve seen that personally as well, our IOS guy will be looking into it
  2. We’re working towards a robust solution to this. Soon the idle riders will not be in the way.
  3. This is a ways off, but we’ll be showing at least the achievements you’ve unlocked somewhere, with hints of how many are left and what it might take to unlock them.
  4. Keep your eyes peeled for this one in the very near future.
  5. Agreed, it’s on our list.
  6. I sort of agree here, I think once we get longer descents into the maps we’ll be able to better judge this.
  7. This is a tricky one, but the intent is that once they sign out their jersey time is no longer valid. That isn’t the way it works now, but it will soon.

The feedback definitely helps us prioritize where to spend our efforts and which bugs and features really matter the most. Thanks for taking the time to give us such detailed feedback.