Feedback rides 2-4

I’m mostly posting this out of a sense of obligation – I don’t really have any specific gripes or anything!

I continue to really enjoy my time on Zwift. It’s already proving a life saver in this cold snap we’ve had over the past week. For me, there’s just no comparison between Zwift and normal trainer riding. The fun will only be amplified once this goes commercial, as more and more users sign up and more courses become available.

One fairly minor concern: like some others, I have had some lag during gameplay. This doesn’t bother me too much and I’m pretty sure this isn’t Zwift’s fault, but rather is due to my relatively basic computer. However, I experienced some of this lag while riding last night, specifically at a time when I was pushing the pace next to another rider. We had been sparring for a few minutes, but as soon as my machine started to lag, he opened a huge gap! Either he attacked me right as that happened, or the lag caused me to drop off the pace. Has anyone else experienced this? For the record, I’m totally aware that I may well just not have been able to match this guy’s pace…

I think I was that guy. I’ve already upgraded my computer from a basic desktop with an Intel 2500 integrated video card to one with a Nvidia GeForce GTX 860M, My “speed” does seem to have gone up, going from 13 or so minute laps to 9:30 laps.

What I saw last night was that I was slowly closing in on you on the first part of the big hill, then you opened a big gap. I kept it steady, then it was like you all but stopped at the upper slope of the hill as I caught and passed.

I do notice that the AI riders seem to hang back in a big bunch on hills, then as soon as the slope levels out, they just jump ahead.

I did enjoy riding with you last night, look forward to seeing you on the Island again.