Third Ride

I spend a bit over an hour lapping the the Island tonight and the experience was much improved. I assume I’m seeing the effects of yesterday’s update. I was actually able to draft both “real” riders and AI riders extensively tonight, something that was impossible previously. Game play seemed a little more smooth as well, but I’m still seeing some choppiness. I’ll be building up a dedicated Zwift machine with a decent graphics card sometime in the next few days so we’ll see what kind of improvement that brings. I also noticed that there were no buildings protruding onto the road tonight as I’ve seen previously.

I did notice one oddity tonight, however. The main thing is that I noticed by my rider and, a few other times, other “real” riders suddenly swerving eratically all over the road. I’ve never seen that happen before.

Last, I left my Garmin off as an experiment so I could upload the Zwift data to Strava/Garmin Connect/et al. I haven’t set Strava or anything up previously so after the ride, but before I saved, I poked around a little to see where that’s accomplished. I was unsuccessful however. I didn’t spend too much time on it but it wasn’t immediately obvious to me where to go to set up Stava connections and the like.

In your documents folder under zwift activities you’ll find the .fit files you can upload to strava which are the same file type your Garmin records

One other little issue I forgot to mention. I started up the Zwift client, woke up and connected all my devices (power meter, HR strap, etc) and was ready to start my ride but I got interrupted by a last minute “honey-do” item. My on-screen rider was sitting idle when I walked out of the room. I came back about 20 minutes later to start the ride but my rider wouldn’t start. My guess is that all my ANT+ devices went back to sleep and disconnected from Zwift while I was gone. It appeared as though Zwift didn’t or couldn’t reconnect once I actually started my ride. I ended up having to just close and reopen the client to resolve the issue.

@Noel, I just noticed that today as well, I had some problems getting it going after the latest update and just gave it a zwift kick in the bum by uninstalling / reinstalling the software and it works. But I don’t know if that’s a new thing since the patch or if it’s always been that way. Either I didn’t notice it previously or wasn’t away from my PC long enough for things to disconnect.