Ride 3 Feedback

Had a great morning ride on the island before work. Generally operated as expected and was able to get 3 laps in before hitting the shower. Really wished I had more time to ride as the island made the time go by quickly.

A few items to note, some have been mentioned by others already.

The left side of the redwood tree tunnel is floating above the terrain. After I noticed that, I started noticing the other landscape items that floated on sloped terrain. Not a big issue, but feature items stick out when not anchored correctly.

Trick riders. I noticed 3 trick riders today on the island. All were real riders. The commonality was it happened shortly after the rider let off the gas. One right after the sprint, one at the top of the main climb and one at the bottom of the long hill. In all cases they bounced around for 10-15 seconds doing tricks right infront of me. After a second or two of odd behavior they would jump 20-30 meters ahead and do tricks again. After the 15 seconds they would resume normal riding.

I had one 3 second blip where I just froze. When it cleared the rider behind me closed the gap as if I was frozen on the course for those three seconds.

Virtual mileage was 9% less than real wheel mileage. This has been consistent on all three of my rides.

Drafting is a heck of a lot easier when you are in view 3.

It would be nice for riders to move to the curb when they drop below 5 MPH and 100 W (to make sure they are not climbing slowly) as opposed to stopping in the middle of the road like they do today. I noticed that I moved to the curb after 10 seconds or so when paused. Like wise, being above 5 MPH before you get onto the main road.

All in all great work by the Zwift team.