Bug feedback 12/25

(Max Leclercq) #1

Awesome app! really enjoyed my first time on the Island today. Spent 1h on the trainer, very easy setup, ANT+ setup was really seamless. Kickr, heart rate monitor and cadence were recognized in matter of seconds. 2 thumbs up for that!

Few feedback:

  • At some point, the Avatar gets confused and switch back and forth, go in the “weeds” and even starting riding backward …etc. that happened when being passed and at specific “spot” in the ride (during the long descent, second curve). Only way I found to have it back on track is to stop, then start pedaling again.
  • How do you go back and customize your rider? Even during a ride?
  • A wait room would be great to wait for other friends to join and start riding at the same time.
  • it was not obvious to me (is there signs on the side of the road) when a TT starts besides the time screen popping up on the bottom of the screen. Maybe I’m missed it since I’m a newbie, I’ll look again.

keep it up, great app, looking forward seeing it grow.

(L Read) #2

I saw several live riders zigzagging all over the road today. In some cases even off the road into the vegetation. Best seen from the helicopter view.

(Jeff Abbott) #3

The sprints start with 200m to go. Yes there are signs showing 300,200,100 meters to go. The climb starts at the col de zwift sign.
To customize your rider, you have to start the ride, then stop pedalling. The pause screen will pop up. Click the customize button. Make your changes, then click done. Then you return to the pause screen. Just start pedalling and you will rejoin the race.

L, read. Do you ever zigzag? I do on occasion. It happens usually when i am coming up on a stopped real rider. If they are stopped, i hit them and zigzag back and forth for about 5secs.