quick "bug" feedback from today's ride

a couple of quick “bugs” i saw today

  • one - when finishing a KOM/Sprint segment, the time displayed on the left hand side of the banner does not match the time highlighted on the right side of the banner in the ranking list.

  • two - AI guy going down hill seemed to be at the magic point between when he crouches down and sits up on the bike. For a second or two he alternated back and forth quickly and it looked liked he was doing push-ups. y’all may need to smooth out the algorithm that determines the rider position a bit.

  • three - when multiple riders approach from behind, their banners appear on top of each other. They need to be spaced out across the bottom of the screen. this will eventually run into problems when the number of riders on the island increases though. The software probably needs to “group” together multiple riders that are roughly the same distance behind.

  • four - the KOM/Sprint point banners appear on top of approaching rider banners

  • five - only saw this once but it happened - as a real rider passed me from behind, for a split second his banner filled the entire screen. I saw the white background and part of the american flag and then it went back to the regular island view. I was in the default camera angle.

  • six - once again, only saw this once but as a real rider passed me, he swerved from in-front of me to the shoulder of the rode three times even though no one (or an AI rider) was there. It looked like the game “thought” he should be passing someone even though no one was there.

and my final thought, when passing an AI/real rider, i think the software should favor having the rider pass on the left side of the rider being passed. this is the standard “best practice” in the real world for group rides

  1. The right hand side is your best time for that ride. Left side was for that sprint. Ex. If you fo the orange in 16.50sec on your first lap, right side will always show 16.5 until you beat it. Left side is your sprint time for that individual sprint.
  2. You sit up until you hit 21mph, then you go into the tuck. If you are riding at that speed, you might keep doing pushups as you ride between 20and21mph. These are the things i have found as ive been testing for a while now.