Jumpy rider when overtaking - and other minor bits of beta feedback

Day 2 on Zwift island. A few things I noticed today:

  1. While going for the Orange sprint point I could see a rider coming up behind me (based on his distance and speed indicated in the small popup flag on screen showing his name and the list of active riders on the right. I could tell he had passed me, but I couldn’t see his ‘rider’ on-screen. Suddenly his rider just appeared about 30m down the road in front of me. Some sort of laggy update?

Some minor UI notes:
2) Rider distance flag is obscured by Sprint/KOM graphic - while you’re going for a Sprint or a KOM there is a countdown graphic that displays at the bottom of the screen (which is great). Unfortunately in obscures the small flag graphic that shows you the names and distances of the riders around you. It would be nice to know in a sprint what others are doing.

  1. Some riders seem to have country flags in the rider list on the right, but not all of them. Mine doesn’t appear to have one. Is there some sort of logic as to who gets them?

Minor engine notes:
4) The shadows cast from the rider to the ground always seem to be offset from the contact point. Makes it look like everyone is floating a bit off the road.

  1. The atmosphere shader doesn’t seem to affect the ocean shader properly. While looking out over the water at the distant mountains, they are shrouded in atmo at times, but the water doesn’t appear to be affected by the same level of atmo.
  • Love the random “reaching for waterbottle” animation on the riders - nice touch.
  1. This is an oft-repeated complaint. The Zwift folks have said the current arrangement is more of a proof-of-concept and they are working on a cleaner display for the current sprint and overtaking-rider data.
  2. I think this is coming from the new website. Go to www.zwift.com and login using the button on the upper right and your game login. You can edit your data on the site, part of which is your country.
  3. The Zwift folks are aware of this one as well and are working on a fix. There’s riders and in some cases signs that are floating as well.

Lots of cool little details. I just discovered that if you’re on a “dumb” trainer and stop pedaling to coast in certain downhills your rider will actually get into the on-the-top-tube aero tuck while descending. Very cool stuff.

Thanks for the quick response. I’ll try adjusting my flag on the new website…

My avatar spent about half the ride jumping around for no apparent reason. I am using a KICKR trainer, which appeared to have no issues connecting. Any thoughts?