Glitches since the last update

(Wynand Viljoen (B1 Evo)) #1

After riding in the TNW Race (reverse direction)  tonight here are a few things I noticed.

Kickr resistance seemed to lag the change in gradient by a second or more which made group riding difficult.

Riders were riding in the grass on the side of the road and you could not draft them. Drafting in general seemed more difficult.

A lot of erratic riders on the island including bots.

My avatar started to swerve all over the road for a few seconds. (I have a strong internet connection so that’s not the problem)

The names of riders kept disappearing and then reappearing on the rider list. Eventually there were only three names left even though there were a lot more riders riding.

Got the Orange Jersey even though I was no where near the fastest lap time.

Sound disappeared from time to time.

Also in the past I’ve had “jerky video”, seems to happen if I start Zwift and then do not start the ride for 10 min or so. I have to reboot the system to get it to work smoothly.


CPU i5 4590

Memory Corsair Vengeance 8 GB (2X4GB) DDR3 1600 MHz

Video Card Asus GeForce GTX 970

OS Win 8.1 Pro

Ant+ Suunto Movestick on a USB3 extension (10ft)

Anybody else experience something similar?



(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Wynand,

Any chance I can get you to submit a ticket with a log file of that ride?


(Wynand Viljoen (B1 Evo)) #3

Hi Eric

Will do.



(Mark Randall) #4

I saw the erratic riders on my last ride. Just after the bridge before the reverse KOM, my bike did some severe side to side swerves across the road, and a few seconds later there were a bunch of ghost riders heading off into the fields at about 90 degrees to the road.

(Wynand Viljoen (B1 Evo)) #5

Rode the Island today and had trouble with Zwift starting. I got a message from Norton telling me that Zwift was using a lot of the CPU capacity. When I started the ride it was jerky. I closed down Zwift and tried again with the same results. I then used task manager to close down Zwift and tried again and the same thing. I then had to reboot the computer for it to run smoothly. This is a dedicated computer built specifically to run Zwift. I power it off after every ride.

I’m still having trouble drafting riders/bots. It seems that if you are not lined up behind them you have to drop back 5m+ and try again.