Lots of Riders On - Minor Issues

Lots of people on tonight. Awesome!

There were around 35-40 people on the Island when I logged in. There was a very long delay in the rider list filling out. I thought something was wrong at first…it took nearly a minute for the names to fill in on the list.

The AIs were psyched up again on the Polka Dot Jersey sprint with low 40 times, faster than any posted human time ever.

No in game issues. Everything seemed to work just fine. I saw one AI server reboot with riders going all over the place but otherwise perfect.

I also have not had a single ANT+ dropout since the last update. I was seeing about 1-2 per ride previously.

Last night was the busiest I’ve ever seen it. I did see the rider list populate slowly when I first logged on, as Greg mentions, and I also noticed that as new riders came on it would show blank rider info flags for them for a bit if you passed them on the course.

The only other in-game oddity I saw was REALLY erratic behavior from a real rider, name of N.Seas or something similar, who I saw go absolutely crazy on 3 or 4 separate occasions. The first time he was appearing and disappearing in front of me and every time he appeared he was moving in a radically different direction. Forward, backward, sideways in both directions, etc. Once I passed him I could see his info bubble appearing and disappearing and swinging quickly from side to side on my screen. The next time I saw him he was right at the crest of Col d’Zwift doing what for all the world appeared to be old-skool BMX kickturns in the middle of the road. Bike up on the rear wheel, tilted at about a 45 degree angle and spinning in place on the rear wheel. Over and over. I saw him do this up ahead of me at least one other time. This particular rider was the only one I saw doing this so perhaps it was an issue with his connection or something similar. Otherwise everything was smooth.

Thanks for the feedback! We’re glad to see so many people on. A slowly populating rider list is a good problem to have, right? :slight_smile:

I don’t know if somebody else has already mentioned it, but I believe one of the programmers is working on a fix for the superhuman AIs.

As for the erratic behavior, you’ll typically see oddities like that when someone has a REALLY low framerate. I looked into this one, and N. Seas was getting an average of 2 FPS. We’ll look into the kickturns for sure - that sounds like a different level of weird.