40 Mile Ride Today

Had a great ride this morning. I am really enjoying my time on Zwift.

I’m not sure if it’s my imagination or there are actually changes on the system, but I did feel some improvements. It would be nice if perhaps you could post a list of improvements/fixes for each update so we know what is going on and what to expect. That way we know whether any refinements we feel are software tweaks or just the additional experience of riding in the system.

Had an easier time staying with AIs today as well as the lone human rider I encountered.

I also felt the “coasting” was much more realistic. For example, when I exited the game I planned to stop at the banner on the KOM segment, but it’s a downhill and I kept rolling past it even though I wasn’t pedaling and at 0 watts - in fact picking up speed - just as I would have in the real world.

I saw several people appear to log on but never move. There was a M. Neal that was logged on the entire two hours I rode but never moved. I clicked the name to see from their perspective and they were indeed standing still. I also saw an S. Silver log on and this person appeared to be moving but very, very slowly and very choppy. The onscreen rider was pedaling but movement was slow and jerky. It seemed at one point that this person’s internet connection went wonky as the list of names kept flashing and they would appear/disappear several times rapidly.

I am up to Level 6 in at the game now and have unlocked a few jerseys and couple of sets of wheels.

One question I have is about the “Classic” set of wheels? What is the advantage/disadvantage of them? I’m hankering for a new bike! How long before I get some real bling???

BTW, when you stop pedaling and the game pauses, you lose your leaders jersey until you pass through the banner again. I’d like to keep my leaders jersey unless I manually change it.

Also, if I stop pedaling to click someone’s name, and the game pauses, I cannot get back to the names list to click back on my name without pedaling again.

Every time I ride I find more to like. I’m looking forward to seeing 20-30 humans online or more.

I rarely experience any in game issues. For me it works pretty much as advertised.

greg gibson