Update feedback

(Mike Bishop ECO) #1

The new update is great. Every update is getting better and better. It seemed easier to draft last night. Maybe too easy but I need to ride more in groups to check it out.

Thanks for the squirrel and the banjo player. These small changes really add excitement for people that have been on for a while.

Thanks for fixing the jersey leaderboard. Now when someone gets off the island their crazy time goes away. On long rides it was terrible to see the same guy with all three jerseys. I think this is going to make the jerseys fun again.

The only glitch I saw last night was a rider going up a hill at 200W with her legs not turning. I watched her data and the RPM was 0 so her cadence sensor had dropped out. After a little while it came back and things were normal. You may want to add code that if there is power but no cadence just to turn the legs of the rider.

My biggest issue (which I didn’t check last night) is that when stop you can’t see other riders comments. When I see someone stop riding I will usually say goodbye but they can’t see it.

Awesome program that is changing the way I train.


(Eric Eddy) #2
 I appreciate the updates! Namely the leader board update, and refreshing as riders exit. Namely those coming in solely to set super times.  
 It brought an idea to mind, and that would be to give a jersey (lets say blue) to the individual(s) with the most laps. I will likely never wear it, as I rarely ever do more than two hours for an indoor trainer session, but an idea nonetheless that I think would be a nice touch.
 I also would like to see something added to the map profile (upper right corner) that indicates where the respective jersey holders are on the course. If it is now the case that the actual leaders are always active riders, it would be nice to know where they are in relation to yourself.

(Ron Skinner) #3

just did a couple of rides today. the first one the cadence did not register correctly. I have my cadence from 3 devices displayed and they all agree but Zwift was 10 RPM too high. I quit the game and re-entered and things went very normal. I can say the second session was very realistic. I should expect to be a mid pack rider and I was. I really should not be able to challenge to often for jerseys and again this was the case I was mid pack. The comutrainer resistance seemed to mirror my feeling on real road 10% grades and the speeds actually matched closely my wired cateye computer. ALL REALLY GOOD STUFF. On the other side of the ledger, I noted that if I did not use a power up then it was not replaced the next time I went through a section so I had to dump them after each power up, I would really prefer not to have too use them, for those who wish to then they can hit the space bar but there should be a key press that allows me to dump a power up ie the d key. I want my ride experience to be a road ride, I want to get the feeling of being able to draft and get a break, which sort of sems to be happening. THX for great riding environment, it got me through one of my longest trainer sessions this season!