Some more Beta Feedback

As others have indicated, jersey sprints were weird today. Not giving the jersey even if I was on top of the list. I had the polka dot for a while (RARE!) and lost it at about the same time I got the green one. After the green sprint, I had nothing…

AI riders - watched one ride right off the road today! Then he appeared magically in from of me, or at least I think it was him. Also, while “drafting” with two of them, they seemed to pop in and out of existence and swap places in front and behind me.

Saw someone riding on the wrong side of the road! Wasn’t an AI, and he was going the same direction as me. Last name was “Sherlock” but he wasn’t in the leaderboard list.

Can we get a lean in the corners? Should be an easy algorithm: 1st order would be an angel proportional to speed and radius of turn, 2nd order would include rider’s weight. May be later, let people slide out if they are going too fast, and then let people upgrade their tires!

Really need to get weights in there! Not at all in my favor as a 86kg dude, but would make things more realistic.

EXCELLENT progress and an excellent product folks!

Hopefully we have some fixes in place soon for the “riders on the wrong side of the road” problem we’ve been seeing!

And when there are connection issues, the AIs may behave oddly.

This is another report in weird jersey sprints so I’ll bump this up the chain!

As for a lean - I’d love to see that as well! Gotta bug the art people :slight_smile: