New Zwifter Feedback

(Matt Williams) #1

Hey guys, very impressed with the Zwift experience so far after a couple of good sessions.  Highly addictive and a nice escape from turbo boredom, probably too much fun at times and in danger of shredding myself getting carried away!

I found the setup quick and easy and was riding in no time, the mobile app was equally straight forward so hats off as I was expecting more issues from a Beta.  No doubt it has come a long way from early testing.

I felt the power performances of other riders to be pretty consistent, I did not encounter ridiculous times or W/Kg that put me off.  The profile for my Elite Crono Fluid might be a little generous compared to using on Trainer Road but on average not vastly different.  I know this has been problem and is a minefield trying to support a lot of varying equipment.  All I know is I had to work very hard for a decent lap time and could not repeat it lap after lap.  I would like to see lap splits (unless I’m missing something) as it would be good to keep tabs on them.

Using the keyboard is difficult whilst riding so the mobile app is going to crucial.  The more we can control from that the better.  Maybe move the I’m Done button as it’s too easy to hit it by accident.

Any plans for Country jerseys or rainbow for all time best lap times?  It would be cool to see them in there from deserving riders. Probably not too easy until the “Fliers” thing is nailed down.

Workouts are going to be a key part to get structure and intensity dialled in.  I’m looking forward to see how you will tackle this.  Maybe specific courses or a velodrome depending on type of workout.  Is there going to be a course/workout creator so we can tailor to requirements?

Well done, I’m thoroughly enjoying the Swift experience.


(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Thanks for the great feedback, Matt! We do plan on having more detailed leaderboards and personal data, for sure. Additionally, more jerseys and more courses are in the works as well as workout mode (which is still in planning stages).

Thanks again!