Latest update 3/26

As many have expressed, the new Kickr code doesn’t simulate the resistance as before.  Not the end of the world, and I have seen that you all may revert to the previous code.  I hadn’t had any issues switching back and forth between bkool on the PC and Zwift in the previous iteration.  Still don’t but I know the fear was the kickr not being released by zwift (or so I interpreted).

I still hate seeing someone without a power meter steal jersey’s from people with power.  I saw someone yesterday maintain nealry 10 wkg for over 3 laps. My guess is I would know their name maintaining that over 15-20 minutes.  I have no problem getting dropped by someone with a powermeter, but that is silly.  

I also think it would make sense to ask for weight at login to at least entice people to enter or confirm weights since W/KG is what drives the engine.  Some people may not take the time to update their stats which would limit their improvement gains through the season if they were losing weight or benefit the rider who was only gaining weight.  

There is no way to make an all white or black bike or change jersey colors.  I would love to be able to really customize a jersey or import a jersey that I have created like I have for a few clubs.  

I think it would be really cool if the wheel selection actually provided the advantages of the real wheelset.  That is minor but it seems interesting to see how wheel selection like car selection in a video game would give certain benefits for certain courses or parts of courses.  

For a Beta test this is pretty amazing!  Looks like a product with a lot of future potential.