Feedback: 12/19/14

(Eric Welch) #1

This is feedback after the latest update. A few points I noticed. Had a great time again, thank you!

The mobile app didn’t go into “riding” mode, but stayed in remote mode. This is post-update (on the PC) - was there an accompanying update on the mobile app? I’ve used it successfully before (every time, and nothing’s changed in my network environment), so thought there may be some kind of version mismatch or something.

The biggest point here is the sprint / climbing challenges. Especially when riding “alone”, these definitely drive me. However, on the first hill climb I got a super-slow (compared to others’) time, but improved on it every lap. However, in the end “result” that showed up at the finish of each climb, the first time for me was still being shown, even though I beat it every time. This was kindof a bummer.

Small point, but on the rider customization screen, the options are being shown with a radio button, however they are not mutually exclusive. Technically, something like a checkbox should be used here. Small UI point, but being a software guy, something I noticed.

I would really like some place where I can see my “achievements” - even if it’s not in the game, but on a profile page somewhere. In the game would be fine too. I’m speaking here not of new jersey’s, etc, but the achievements that pop up from time-to-time in the game.

At the end “summary” screen, it showed values for “this ride” (power at various intervals, I believe, but perhaps others as well), but had dashes in all the categories for the “all time” (or something) values.

It took me a little bit to figure out why riders were 1:30 behind me, then 6:00 in front of me, but eventually I figured it out (laps) and it made sense.

I’m super-excited to use this with my new KICKR, however, the cadence readings in the game seems wrong at times. I have a cadence sensor on my bike, couldn’t that be used as opposed to a calculated value when using the KICKR?

Small points all, and I really enjoyed my ride today. I was on the island at the same time as Laurens ten Dam and even got a sprinter’s jersey for a while. Great fun, thanks!


(Eric Welch) #2


  1. Loved the xmas decorations
  2. it was cool seeing the sunset, but I think I prefer riding in daylight more than darkness. Perhaps an option to ride in the light regardless of the island’s location in the world?

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #3

Hi Eric!

Thanks for the feedback!

  1. That’s interesting. Quick question: did you log into the app before jumping into the game? Or vice versa? Either way, it should work. The other question: is the mobile device on the same WiFi network as the machine that’s running Zwift?

  2. It should be showing your best time. Let me double check on that one.

  3. Interesting feedback. I’ll make a note of it and pass it along!

4 +5) Both are features currently being worked on. As we continue forward with the Beta, you’ll be seeing some of these stats added in as well as a “rider home page.”

  1. Perhaps something a bit more obvious might be needed: a “Lap 2” message or something.

  2. If your cadence sensor is ANT+ compatible, you should be able to pair it on the pairing screen and use those values rather than the virtual ones created via the KICKR. Is this not happening properly? Is Zwift not seeing the cadence sensor?

As for the daylight/nighttime mode: they are very short and will cycle through if you ride long enough. I’m thinking more people tend to enjoy riding during the “day,” however, so we might change how long night is versus day.

And the art team will definitely appreciate the comments regarding our holiday updates :slight_smile:


(Eric Welch) #4


Both. I started in the app and saw the other riders riding, then went to ride myself. It didn’t change. I then exited the app and killed it from running in the background, restarted and only got the “remote” mode. However, I just started a new ride and saw the mobile app work correctly (going from remote to riding modes). Again, nothing changed here network-wise, so don’t know. Works now…

The first time I thought I misread it, but then laps 3 and 4 it was still showing the slower time. I can send a .log file if that will help, just let me know.

Yeah - this one initially confused me last week and I posted in tips/troubleshooting. I may just be crazy, or was seeing just a bit of lag when I would stop pedaling. It’s detecting my Garmin speed/cadence sensor just fine now (just tried it again) and it seems fine. My bad.

Thanks for the other info. Again, I’m really enjoying everything you guys are doing.