12/31/2014 Ride Feedback w/ Mobile App

(Jeff Urnaza) #1

I took 10 laps around the island today and noticed a couple things:

1.) Is anyone else having sound issues? There is a background sound effect on the left hand speaker which appears to go into an infinite loop. The sound effect seems to be road noise of a passing AI or rider, that just never stops and the volume increases until I just have to mute the sound or restart the ride.

2.) While testing the mobile app features I noticed that if I background the app to check something on my phone and then bring the app forward from the background there seems to be a chance that it becomes disconnected from my ride and I have to restart the app entirely to get it back to the dashboard.

3.) It would be nice to add a third page to the ride dashboard that lists all the riders same as on ride hand side of screen.

4.) Did the drafting algorithm change in the last update? I seem to be having a harder time holding a draft now.

5.) On the mobile app dashboard it would also be nice to be able to customize the gauges. For example move them around on the screen or increase/decrease the number of gauges.

All in all I am really enjoying Zwift and seem to be wanting to spend more time on my trainer than I normally would.