some issues with mobile app....

(J Edwards(TFC RACE TEAM) ZZRC) #1

Everything waz working a ok untill lap 4 when i lost all the sound gestures like bell ,im toast etc.The body gestures were still working fine ie elbow whip and wave.Anyone els have these issues.?Also when i hit the im toast button and the rider says im toast in( his best american accent) can anyone els hear it or just the rider ie me?
Also have noticed 4 tree stumps floating about 2 feet off the ground just before the big tree you ride through on the left anx today i saw a rider going around in ever decreasing circle just before you hit the climb…
Oh and one more thing found out that if you have the mobile app running you can activate boosts by hitting the lets ride icon… No more leaning forward to hit laptop keyboard horrayee…

(Eric C. (Zwift HQ)) #2

Hi Jeff,

The floating trees are still being worked on. The rider going in circles means that person is almost 100% running on a computer that is moving at less than 3 frames per second (i.e. we’re surprised his/her machine even runs Zwift). They probably already have a ticket in :slight_smile:

As for the mobile stuff, please submit a support request regarding those issues via the link up top near your name and we’ll look into it!

And everyone near you can hear you when you say “I’m toast!” as well as “Ride on!” and, of course, our lovely bell :slight_smile:


(Jason K) #3

Hm, that problem with losing sound is a new one, so I’ll log a bug on that.

Everyone near you should be able to hear your rider actions - let us know if that’s not the case.

The tree stumps are an issue we’re aware of, but are a lower priority for now until we get closer to launch.

Thanks for the feedback!

(J Edwards(TFC RACE TEAM) ZZRC) #4

Thanx for info eric,will submit tickets as soon as i find anymore issues.